For Oliver - Youtube musicians that I enjoy.

Alrighty. This is really for anyone. Because all of this music is awesome. They’re all musicians signed with DFTBA Records (which is owned by the dashing, and brilliant Alan Lastufka and Hank Green), or musicians from youtube who are/aren’t necessarily signed with anyone.

I hope you enjoy it. I’ll put links where I can

It’s really long, you’ve been warned.

Also, I only linked to videos that were uploaded by the content creator, or his/her/their aphilliates. My hope is that this will help you to find out about musicians who are awesome, and who you didn’t know were making awesome music. If you like the music, I strongly encourage you to support their musical endeavours by purchasing thier music if it is financially possible for you.

Most of all, enjoy.

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Bread - Alex Day and Tom Milsom (cover)

Cant stop listening to this. Love the original, but still.

 I think I might like this version more than the original…

I know… blasphemy… but it’s so good. I just… hhhhhnnnnnnggggg. I’ve been listening to it all day.

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"Have I done all I canto make you understand?
What if I fell alseep? Would you lay there with me?
I’m just missing you. I’m just missing you.
How did you get inside, only to say goodbye
I want you more than you know. That’s the only thing I know."
—Missing you - Alex Day

Listening to Alex Day’s music

He’s all kinds of awesome. It manages to be not only lovely, but is also a lot of the time about love, but it doesn’t make me feel sad about being single.

I love it always.

Alex Day explains everything I love about vinyl, and also Chameleon Circuit!!!

"Stupid Stephenie Meyer. This is not how you book!"
"Disneyland is like falling in love, someones taking your hand, you go on this enchanting evening and you look at each others eyes and its all romantic and nice. Six Flags is like repeatedly fucked hard over and over again until you leave shaking and exhausted but ultimately better after having that experience."
—Alex Day (explaining about the difference between Disneyland and six flags) (via ohdeargravity) (via fuckyeahdisneyland) (via -pumpkinjuice) (via smoestoe)
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