My new track, Home, by me, Tom Milsom, from my upcoming release, Alien Home

hope u like it xx


So I’ve been doing a lot of fun little songs lately but this is my new kind-of-a-big-deal song, Blinding Summer Light! It’s sorta fun and jolly cause I was in the sun last week and it was all just like ‘ugh I really wanna do a happy nice song’ so I did and I recorded it today and here it is! I’ll be making a video for it next week but for now I thought I’d let you tumblr folk have it cause you’re secretly my favourites

listen to it, love it, reblog it, tweet about it, let everyone know what you think. There’ll be an iTunes link when the video goes up :)


Tom xoxo

There’s music that is nice to listen to while studying.

Then there’s music that’s nice to listen to while researching, or reading, or knitting. But so much of the time, studying music is simply that, studying music, and music for other things like research cannot cross over into the music for reading category. 

Except for Explorers 6. I have yet to find an activity that cannot be done whilst listening to Explorers 6. 

If there’s one thing I love most about Tom Milsom’s Explorers albums, they’re completely 100% unique in style and experience than anything I’ve ever heard before.

For Oliver - Youtube musicians that I enjoy.

Alrighty. This is really for anyone. Because all of this music is awesome. They’re all musicians signed with DFTBA Records (which is owned by the dashing, and brilliant Alan Lastufka and Hank Green), or musicians from youtube who are/aren’t necessarily signed with anyone.

I hope you enjoy it. I’ll put links where I can

It’s really long, you’ve been warned.

Also, I only linked to videos that were uploaded by the content creator, or his/her/their aphilliates. My hope is that this will help you to find out about musicians who are awesome, and who you didn’t know were making awesome music. If you like the music, I strongly encourage you to support their musical endeavours by purchasing thier music if it is financially possible for you.

Most of all, enjoy.

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Bread - Alex Day and Tom Milsom (cover)

Cant stop listening to this. Love the original, but still.

 I think I might like this version more than the original…

I know… blasphemy… but it’s so good. I just… hhhhhnnnnnnggggg. I’ve been listening to it all day.

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"You have one of the least subtle tastes in jewlery that I’ve ever seen in a woman!"
—Tom Milsom  - from ‘Here Comes my Baby” -> Sons of Admirals
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