to all my white friends (directed at no one in particular, just general Observations): please do not make indignant posts about race! while i appreciate your frustration, and know that all of you generally feel pissed as hell with us and for us, these are ultimately struggles you haven’t experienced and therefore cannot own through anger. 

and yes, it’s also frustrating as hell to see your own community doing shitty things. but it is also problematic to make posts about oppression without acknowledging your own membership among the oppressing group! racial kyriarchy does not distinguish between conscientious and unconscientious white folks; in both cases, you will still be boosted by and a product of white privilege. it’s really, really tempting to try to distance yourself from your oppressive community. but if you want to help people of color in their struggles, this good/bad dichotomy doesn’t help. 

as a person of privilege, you are in a position of great power and opportunity; it is your job to use your privilege to educate and to protect. 

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How to use your white privilege

If the “passing privilege” person is looking at this blog, this is one thing you can do, if you’re up to it.

Reblogging for excellence.

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Things that are not inherently awful or something you should feel ashamed of:

  • being white
  • being male
  • being cisgendered
  • being straight or heteronormative
  • being able bodied
  • being neurotypical
  • being conventionally attractive

Things that suck and you should feel ashamed of:

  • denying the privilege that comes with being any of those things
  • attempting to highlight your thoughts, views, ideas, experiences, etc, over those of the people you have privilege over when discussing their oppression
  • complaining whenever someone of the oppressed group calls you out
  • mislabeling, misgendering, or using slurs to refer to said oppressed group
  • trying to showcase your allyship by over-exaggerating your beliefs or vying for attention for acting like a decent person 

It’s really that simple. 

I really needed to see this post. I know you rebloged it, but thank Kaira.

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