Things that are not inherently awful or something you should feel ashamed of:

  • being white
  • being male
  • being cisgendered
  • being straight or heteronormative
  • being able bodied
  • being neurotypical
  • being conventionally attractive

Things that suck and you should feel ashamed of:

  • denying the privilege that comes with being any of those things
  • attempting to highlight your thoughts, views, ideas, experiences, etc, over those of the people you have privilege over when discussing their oppression
  • complaining whenever someone of the oppressed group calls you out
  • mislabeling, misgendering, or using slurs to refer to said oppressed group
  • trying to showcase your allyship by over-exaggerating your beliefs or vying for attention for acting like a decent person 

It’s really that simple. 

I really needed to see this post. I know you rebloged it, but thank Kaira.

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